Wendi Warner and her first Durian

Wendi Warner and her first Durian
Let me tell you a story...

When they brought him to me, he smelled like a rotten corpse. I took him to the garage and left him there all night. No food or water. When I checked on him in the morning, he was right where I had left him - and still he had not spoken a word.

This guy was one rank and odiferous fruit ball - a really foul dude. Everyone thought he was rotten to the core, but I thought there was a chance I could get out of him what I had been waiting for...so I waited.

I left him alone in the dark garage all day - again, no food or water. He had been silent since he arrived, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he cracked.

I returned at nightfall, slowly making my way to the garage. The stench was overwhelming. I opened the door and took one long look at him. The time alone had begun to wear on him. He was starting to crack.

It was the opportunity I had been waiting for. The moment was ripe, so I grabbed my butcher knife and approached him with anxious caution.

Should I do this? Am I ready? My mind raced as I forced myself to go through with the moment. Soon, the madness of the past couple days would culminate in my inevitable (not inedible) reward.

I thrust in my knife, slicing him from stem to stern. An almost sweet fragrance filled the air, and I lost no time pulling apart his rough skin and exposing his soft, inner flesh.

There. I had done it. He laid there, splayed and filetted for the whole world to see - if the whole world had been there in my garage.

Laying before me was a pale bile colored, kidney shaped, opaque gelatinous glob. His sweet guts. I lifted the glob to my mouth and sank my teeth into the moist and meaty mass...

...And you know what? I really liked it! I think I would pair it with a Rousanne or a Dry Riesling. I may have to make a habit of this! :-) The End.

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