Rambutan - 32 oz.

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From the outside, the rambutan looks like one of life's more prickly problems. But pick it up and you'll discover that its long tentacles are really quite soft and harmless. When ripe, rambutans are a deep crimson or bright yellow. You open the fruit by splitting the tough skin with a thumbnail and peeling it off. Or you can draw a knife around its middle and pull the top off to reveal a lovely firm white fruit in its own miniature egg cup that's easy to hold or hand to a friend. In size and taste, the rambutan most closely resembles the lychee. To eat, pop the rambutan whole into your mouth and chew your way around the single seed that you'll find in the centre.

Availability: January, February, March, June, July, August, September, October, November,

Selection & Storage: The rambutan is ripe when its rind shows no signs of bruising or spots and its red color is fully developed. Its hairy spines should be firm, not brittle. The rambutan should be wrapped in a paper towel and in a perforated plastic bag before being refrigerated for up to two weeks. Alternatively, it may be kept at room temperatures for two or three days.

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Thank you for the beautiful order of fruit and very FAST delivery! The fruit looks wonderful and my children are very excited. I will definitely order again. Pamela Graham September 4, 2008