Pomegranate - 6 Jumbo Fruits

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It’s fresh pomegranate season – time to experience the sweet, tangy, delicious flavor of pomegranates again. At Organic Fruit Club.com, we are passionate about this juicy, healthy fruit.

In October, we begin harvesting the most magnificent California-grown pomegranates, the aptly named Wonderful variety! November, the very height of the season, is National Pomegranate Month. It is a time to enjoy and celebrate this amazing fruit. The real beauty is on the inside.

Pomegranates are perfect for snacking, cooking, juicing, and decorating. They add color and a unique quality to dishes, beverages and decorations. Join us in celebrating National Pomegranate Month and experience the versatility of the extraordinary pomegranate.

How to Eat (and Enjoy) a Pomegranate

Eating a pomegranate takes some work because the edible seeds are encased in an inedible white pith. The seeds are the part you want to eat -- they have a tangy, sweet-sour flavor. You can make juice, jellies and marinades as well. Here's the best way to get to them:
• Slice the crown end of the pomegranate off.
• Score the rind in several places around the fruit (from top to bottom).
• Break (or cut) the sections apart.
• Put the sections in a bowl of water.
• Pry the seeds out with your fingers (be careful, the juice will stain clothes permanently).
• Strain the seeds using a colander.
• The seeds can be eaten right away, stored in the refrigerator or even frozen.