Over Ripe Alphonso Mangos from India

Over Ripe Alphonso Mangos from India
Over Ripe Alphonso Mangos from India.

Alphonso Mangos are irradiated as required by USDA rules and regulations before they are exported to the USA. During this process and shipping Alphonso Mangos start ripening artificially.

After we receive the shipment from India, here in Los Angeles, we remove any and all the damaged Alphonso Mangos before we ship it to our customers. There is no excuse for us to maintain our honesty and integrity.

It hurts, when customers give us BAD ratings after we do our best to supply them the best.

If you know, Alphonso Mangos, you should know that these Mangos are extremely delicate. They ripe too fast. They look green and beautiful from outside, but the seed is rotting inside.....

Before you buy our Alphonso Mangos, I want you to think twice and decide to buy or not to buy our Alphonso mangos from India.

All our over ripe Alphonso mangos are fed to our Ostriches, Emus, Llamas, Alpacas, Wild Turkeys, Lambs and Goats at our farm here in Southern California.

Thank you.

Alphonso Mango.Com Team