12 Organic Navel Oranges from California - November through May

Organic Navel Oranges from California
Organic Navel Oranges from California
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Organic Navel oranges are in season November through May. They are considered the finest "eating oranges" in the world.

They are sweet and juicy, with only an occasional seed. Easy to peel, they are outstanding for eating. Navels have a small navel formation at the blossom end and are known as "winter oranges." Seedless Navel oranges, as well as all other varieties of citrus fruits, are reproduced by "budding". Seeds of other citrus varieties are planted to grow citrus rootstock known to be disease resistant. When the trees are about two to three years old, the seedlings are budded with a slip from a mature Navel orange tree which produces the very best quality fruit. The bud is grafted into the bark of the seedling by experts. The bud eventually takes over and becomes a new tree, producing the variety of fruit that was budded into the rootstock.