Organic California Raspberries

Organic California Raspberries
Organic California Raspberries
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The raspberry is a small red berry with a delicate flavor and a tender texture. It is composed of many connecting droplets (individual sections of fruit with its own seed). There are many varieties available, the most desirable are: Glen Ample, Tulameen, and Joan Squire.

Most likely native to Asia, wild raspberries have been eaten since prehistoric times. References to raspberries can be found in Roman records from 4th Century AD. Cultivation began in England and France probably in the 1600s.

Due to the difficulties of growing strawberries in cooler climates, a group of market gardeners in Angus in the early 20th century set up a co-operative of raspberry growers which led to the Scottish region, producing 80% of the UK commercial crop.

Preparation and Use For preparation, raspberries just require gentle rinsing in a sieve under cold water. Drain well.

Fresh Raspberries are a summer treat served simply with a light dusting of sieved icing sugar and accompanied with whipped cream. Flavor the cream with the grated rind of an orange or some very finely chopped mint leaves.

Health and Nutrition 5 a Day - 2 handfuls of raspberries count as one portion towards 5 a day.

Raspberries are a very good source of vitamin C and dietary fibre.