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6 Mangosteen Fruits
6 Mangosteen Fruits
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There's a secret to opening Queen Victoria's favorite fruit and while everyone around you is looking for a knife, we'll share it with you. Fold your hands in front of you with your fingers interlocked. Now pick up a Mangosteen, stem up, between the heels -- not the palms -- of your hands. Gently but firmly begin squeezing until the thick peel suddenly splits in half. Your reward will be several delicate, deliciously sweet sections of white fruit that will melt in your mouth. A few larger segments will have a single seed; the smaller ones, none at all. And if you want to know how many segments are inside before you open it, turn the Mangosteen over and count the petals on the small, raised flower design.

A hard and thick avocado-coloured shell, revealing what must be one of the most delicious offerings on this planet.

The mangosteen fruit possesses three key components in the pericarp (rind), seeds, and the pulp (sweet inner fruit). Xanthones and polysaccharides (the medicinally active ingredients) are concentrated in the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit. The xanthones and polysaccharides are found in the pulp, but in lower concentrations. Most concentrated source of xanthones found in nature is in the pericarp (rind) of the mangosteen fruit.

1. The Xanthones in mangosteen provides a boost of energy.

2. The Xanthones in mangosteen naturally fight inflammation at the cellular level by inhibiting COX 2 enzymes.

3. The xanthones in mangosteen helps to lose weight.

4. Mangosteen helps to reduce heart disease.

5. Mangosteen contains catechins, which have been proven to free radicals than vitamin C and vitamin E.

6. Mangosteen helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the hypertension.

7. Mangosteen helps to improve digestion and stomach condition.

8. Mangosteen helps to improve the urinary tract.

9. Mangosteen helps to reduce painful mouth sores.

10. Mangosteen helps to reduce undesirable asthma.

11. Mangosteen helps to reduce Type II diabetes.

12. Mangosteen helps to improve mental acuity.

13. Mangosteen helps to reduce breast cancer, liver cancer, gastric and lung cancer cells.

14. Mangosteen helps to fight allergies.

15. Mangosteen helps to fight infectious disease.

16. Mangosteen helps to fight depression.

17. Mangosteen helps to improve skin naturally.

18. Mangosteen helps to fight eye problems.

19. Mangosteen helps to lower cholesterol.

20. Mangosteen helps to prevent kidney stones.

21. Mangosteen helps to fight or shorten viral infection.

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