Kesar Mango - Six Mangos

Jumbo Kesar Mango - 6 Mangos
Jumbo Kesar Mango - 6 Mangos
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Kesar Keri is grown in Talala and Gir area of the Junagadh District of The State of Gujarat, India are famous for it's saffron color, divine taste and sweet aroma from centuries.

Mango is known as "KERI" in Gujarat in Gujarati language.So we can say "Kesar Keri" in Gujarati and "Kesar Mango" in English.

"Kesar Keri" is slightly elongated in shape and competes well with the Alphonso vis-à-vis aroma and flavor.

"Kesar Keri" is enjoyed in two ways- just cut and eat or use it for juicing. Folks in Gujarat make delicious, finger-licking good Kesar Aamras.

Like the Alphonso, "Kesar Keri" turns to a golden yellow color- a signal that it's ready to relish.

Kesar is grown in many other parts of India including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.


How do we pack and ship our fruits?
How do we pack and ship our fruits?