Hawaiian Candy Apple Bananas - 4 Lb.

Hawaiian Candy Apple Bananas
Hawaiian Candy Apple Bananas
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Product Description

Named for their candy-sweet flavor, Hawaiian Candy Apple Bananas are grown on the verdant slopes of Hawaii's most active volcano, Kilauea. Fed by the combination of lava enriched soil, tropical sun, and high humidity, the crop is tempered by the growing region's copious annual rainfall of as much as 200 inches. These unequalled climatic circumstances combine to produce the distinctive, robustly sweet, yet piquant flavor of Hawaiian Candy Apple Bananas.

Smaller than the more common Cavendish variety, Hawaiian Candy Apple Bananas are firm, but moist, and the flesh has a slightly pinkish tone, which deepens with cooking or baking. The smaller size and sweet flavor makes these bananas especially appealing to children, and provides a healthy, naturally sweet snack.