Donut Peach

Donut Peach
One of the most amazing peaches you will ever taste. This is one that people ask about year round. Short and squat, about three and a half inches in diameter and only about an inch and a half in height with soft fuzz and a beautiful yellow color with hints of red. Donut peaches ship hard, so allow it to ripen and enjoy an extremely juicy and very sweet flavor with hints of tart. These peaches are not for just eating out of hand- remove the skin and try them grilled or sautéed and paired with Foie Gras. These are usually a freestone variety and make excellent pastries and can even be made into individual tartlets. The Donut Peach is low in acid, tender and extremely juicy. A variety of peach that originated in Asia and is a descendant of the Peento variety, other names include Saucer peach, Saturn peach, Chinese Peach and Flat peach.

Donut Peach - 6 Fruits
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