Banana Sampler - 5 to 7 Lbs. - Nino Banana, Red Banana, Plaintain Banana, Manzano Banana, Burro Banana 5 Lbs.

Banana Sampler
Banana Sampler
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You might think that because you're familiar with the banana you should focus your fruit tasting on all the other delights that await you. But when you see our exotic banana sampler, you'll realize they're a world away from the plantation bananas that you're used to. You'll find tiny milk bananas, shrimp bananas with red peels, ivory bananas that remain green as they ripen and all manner of other bananas ranging from thin to fat. They're all worth a try if only because they're such delicious variations on an old favourite. And if you're caught in the rain while you're shopping, order a banana leaf with your banana --- they make beautiful umbrellas.

Burro: This flat, square-shaped banana, sometimes called a chunky banana, has a slightly tangy flavor. The flesh can be creamy white or yellow. When ripe, the skin becomes black and spotty.

Cavendish: This a popular commercial variety, and is the princpal variety that Dole grows.

Manzano: This short chubby banana has a flavor that resembles a combination of strawberry and apple. It reaches its peak flavor when the skin turns fully black.

Nino (Baby Banana): Grows to about 3". The skin turns bright yellow and may develop some black spots as it ripens. It has a rich, sweet flavor with a soft, creamy texture.

Plantain: Though botonically a fruit, plantains are used extensively for cooking like a vegetable. They have a different flavor during different stages of development. When the skin is green to yellow, the flesh has a starchy flavor that is a little bland with no banana overtones. At this stage, it is best used similar to a potato. When it changes to brown or black, it develops a sweet banana flavor and has a slightly chewy texture, making it good for dessert dishes.

Red Banana: Available year-round from Ecuador and Mexico. The flesh is creamy white with a light-orange to pink hue. It has a tangy-sweet flavor with a soft texture when ripe.