3 Month - Mini Exotic Fruit Club Membership

3 Month - Mini Exotic Fruit Club Membership
3 Month - Mini Exotic Fruit Club Membership
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Product Description

In 1989, Anshu Pathak introduced "Mini Exotic Fruit Club" to America. "Mini Exotic Fruit Club" is designed to provide your recipient with "Exotic Fruits" from both near and far, picked at its peak in flavor resulting in exotic and tropical experience.

Mini Exotic Fruit Club will deliver Mangosteen, Cherimoya, Lychee, Alphonso Mangos, Kesar Mangos, Chikoo, Champagne Mangos, Sugar Apple, Custard Apple, Sitaphal, South African Baby Pine Apples, Rambutan, Dragon, Longan, Passion fruit, Black Sapote, White Sapote and much more.

Your generosity and thoughtfulness will be remembered throughout the year, with each recipient excitedly awaiting their next shipment of gourmet exotic fruit from all over the world!

A gift of "Fruit" is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Month Mini Exotic Fruit Club Month Mini Exotic Fruit Club
January 6 Mangosteen July 2 South African Baby Pine Apples
February Cherimoya - 2 Lbs. August Rambutan - 2 Lbs.
March Lychee - 2 Lbs. September Dragon Fruits - 2 Lbs.
April 4 Alphonso Mango October 12 Passion Fruits
May 4 Kesar Mangos November Longan - 2 Lbs.
June 3 Chikoo Fruits December 4 White or Black Sapote