12 Chikoo Fruits

12 Chikoo Fruits
12 Chikoo Fruits
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12 Chikoo Fruits. Yes, we have fresh Chikoo from Chetna's Orchard. April 2009.

Our Chetna's Chikoo are grown here in The USA. All our chikoos are shipped on the day we harvest without removing the natural sap. Keep Chikoo at room temperature for ripening. Chikoo are ripe when soft. You can store Chikoo in the refrigerator after they are ripe.

Sapodilla was formerly often known by the invalid name Achras sapota. It is known as chikoo or sapota in India, sofeda in Eastern India & Bangladesh, chikoo (also spelled "chikku," "चिक्कू," "chiku," "चीकू," or "ciku") in South Asia and Pakistan, chico in the Philippines, sawo in Indonesia, ciku in Malaysia, hồng xiêm (xa pô chê) in Vietnam, sapodilla in Guyana sapodilla or rata-mi in Sri Lanka, lamoot (ละมุด) in Thailand and Cambodia, níspero in Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, nípero in Cuba and Dominican Republic, dilly in the Bahamas, naseberry in the rest of the West Indies, and sapoti in Brazil. In Kelantanese Malay, the fruit is called "sawo nilo" which is closer to the original name than the standard Malay "ciku".

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